We are offering to learn landkiting in Estonia. We love to say there is no off season, so whenever there is wind, it’s possible to kite. Stroomi Beach is offering perfect conditions for landkiting in Autumn and Spring – the water is moving futher away, which gives us large sandy area.
For landkiting, we use a mountainboard with big wheels. The length of the lessons is the same as in snowkiting, we start with flying the kite and after, we will try to get moving using the board.

Beginner course

Theory – wind direction and speed, spot assessment, windwindow
Flying a small trainer kite
Setting up the big kite + safety systems
Flying the big tube kite
Riding, keeping the speed, controlled stoping

Price: 130 eur

*2,5h if there is one person in the course, 3,5 h with 2 people in the course