Beginner course

Snowkiting is a perfect way to enjoy the winter and go you’re your snowboard, wherever you want. You are no longer dependent from lifts and when it’s too windy in the resorts, you better get some snowkiting done.

Snowkiting course includes professional instructor, kite gear and enjoyable hours in fresh air.

Beginner course:

We start with the theory about wind direction, speed, spot assessment and wind window. Practical part: flying a small trainer kite, setting up the big tube kite, safety systems, flying a big kite, riding (with the snowboard or skis), safe stopping, turns.

Price 130 euro* 

*3,5 hours in a group of 2 persons, private course 2,5 hours. The price does not include snowboard or ski equipment, rental 15 eur

 For more detailed information and booking, please contact us