Equipment rental

Wanna rent a kite gear?

We only rent out the gear, if you have IKO or other kiteboarder card, to make sure, you know how to handle the gear and to keep it safe.

If you don’t have the licence, but you know how to kite, you can do one hour private lesson with us and we will give you the kiteboarder card, if you are passing all the requirements. If your skills are not matched, you can take more lessons with us.

To rent the gear, your skills should match IKO Level 2I.

WE DO NOT RENT OUT THE GEAR IF YOU HAVE NEVER DONE KITESURFING BEFORE! In that case, you should get started with the lessons.

Please check the availability of the gear by emailing or calling us! 

Info and bookings: or +372 56691870


*Discounts for Club members!