Equipment sales

SurfTown’s equipment partners are Liquid Force Kites and O’neill.

We are reselling new and used gear from Liquid Force and O’neill.

Liquid Force just grabbed the AWSI brand of the year 2016 title. The brand started in 1995 and become the market leader in wakeboards really fast. Liquid Force kites started in 1999 and the last 20 years the Liquid Force Family has focused on innovation in product development, highest quality and design. We can not keep it a secret, we as girls think that the kites are the most beautiful ones on the market ☺
You can purchase from us full set of Liquid Force Kites products such as kites, boards, bars, straps, boots, helmets, harnesses, vests, bags and boardbags.

As we love good quality wetsuits which also look good, we are working with the world leading wetsuit brand O’niell in cooperation with O’niell has always perfect fit, the wetsuits are really comfy, besides that they are light and they dry super fast. Did you know that O’niell sells 60% of all the wetsuits?