AK Durable Supply Co. Method V3 trapets

AK Durable Supply Co. Method V3 trapets


Ergonomic hardback support.
Center oriented stiffness & enhanced edge flex.
Composite & polymer fusion construction.

The AK Method Harness features all the crucial elements of a classic hardback, but with added edge flex and accurate anatomical curvature for the ultimate ergonomic fit. The Method has been designed using years of composite experience, combined with a polymer supporting structure for a 3-stage flex pattern.

With maximum stiffness through the center, and flexibility along the harness edge, the hardback is able to flex along with your body’s movement. The pre-preg composite construction of the hardback allows for a long-lasting rigid structure, giving you the same high-level support for an extended period of time. For the ultimate comfort, the AK Method Harness features a full neoprene interior combined with a layer of memory foam to cushion your back from the hard external shell.

Spreader Bar Sold Separately.

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