AK Durable Supply Co. Sliding Spreader Bar V2

AK Durable Supply Co. Sliding Spreader Bar V2


Converts any AK Harness into a wave-riding machine.
Wider range of motion while riding hooked in.
Easy attachable & detachable spectra sliding line.

Ready for the waves, the AK Sliding Spreader Bar converts any of the AK harnesses into a wave-riding machine. With a traveling line, the Sliding Spreader Bar allows the rider to have a wider range of motion while riding toe-side and extra freedom of movement in powerful turns through critical sections of the wave.

The AK double spliced spectra slider allows the harness loop to attach and run freely along the rope without excessive wear to the loop or the Spectra line. The easily removable sliding line allows fast, easy, replacement if necessary.

The Tuck-In design of the bar, in conjunction with the Spectra sliding line, decreases the overall distance between the rider and the control system. This gives the rider a larger bar throw range, wider wind range, and allows riders to access their trim strap at any moment.

SUURUSED: M: 25cm  |  L: 30cm
Värv: Slate Gray

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Tarneaeg 5-10 päeva.

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