AK Durable Supply Co. Carbon Aerobar V1

AK Durable Supply Co. Carbon Aerobar V1


One-piece molded composite spreader bar.
Dual FAA quick release.
Integrated ergonomic bar pad.

The Carbon Aerobar is a unique one-piece molded composite spreader bar, ergonomically designed to move with the curve of your body.

Boasting rigidity, weight reduction using pre-preg carbon fiber, and comfort with a built-in EVA molded bar pad. The release mechanism is installed on both sides of the spreader bar to allow easy, and instant, entry and exit. The release mechanism is designed to release under tension, making it arguably the safest spreader bar on the market. The Aerobar release mechanism is designed to be exposed, allowing the mechanism to flush out any sand or salt that may cause regular release mechanisms to jam up and malfunction.

The webbing buckles are compatible with all harnesses with 25mm and 40mm webbing slot options.

Suurused: XS – S: 25cm  |  M – L: 28cm
Värv: Slate Gray

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